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The Naughty List


Who was Naughty?The Reason...
Craig Scarpelli For being Krampus’s biggest fan
Liam Essig Playing too much video games
Trevor Bergondo Annoying his younger sister and brother
The Tooth Fairy For only taking my sisters' teeth and leaving them money and not me.
Tara For being TOO good of a girlfriend
Chris For always falling asleep during movies
Travis For not liking Moana
Ludwig Gorlin Got shot down by a girl
lauren Ciuba making her mother spend too much money at trader joes every week
Savannah Licks peoples faces
Jake Eating too much chocolate even though it makes him sick
Brendan Meerdink For farting loudly whenever he’s in public with his mother!!
Karissa Not giving the dog table
Mike Bozzacco he knows
Caitlin Schroen Oppositional and defiant of her responsibility to perform on stage!
Donna DeNunzio For just being her Sassy self
Joseph Caputo He is an Atlanta Falcons fan
Dominick Naimo He is not the real slim shady
Brian Rubinfeld Saying so many mean things about your friends for the naughty list
Debbie Neri Because you made mom so scared she slept on your floor for 2 weeks
Nick Genualdi Remember that one year you made us watch "Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny"? Krampus remembers.
Jamie Lerner That one joke was QUITE naughty! You know the one.
Marlena Hirschfield Taking too many free samples at the market
Eric Hagadorn Spreading gossip about the dead
Sam Gombas Teaching a young niece various terrible (and awesome) things.
Jon Stachiw Terrible things... throughout history
Mackenzie Bennett Sending her Father to voicemail everytime he calls
Carolyn Rubinfeld accidentally frightening birds, often
Edward Demaio Not feeding the birds outside
Bonnie Kling Doesn’t pick up her phone
Annabelle Tsolakis Poops her pants
Anya Ukstins For secret stashes of candy and uneaten vitamins.... “Shut up, Heather! Sorry, Heather!! Dang, Dang, Diggity Dang!”
Ella Ukstins For insisting everyone reads the books before watching the movies!
Kya Flipping off her brother
Booey Grillo and Waffles Andreola Ripping open the garbage bag and leaving garbage all over the house for Mom to clean up
Ariana Llewellyn Not cleaning her room
Nikolas Llewellyn Not listening
Kevin Never listens to Mom
Daddy Not buying Grayson toys
Kenzie Jones For cheating at German vocabulary
Jill Ricci Being too sassy
Porkchop Too much fun
Dominic T Being mean to his family
Lisa T. Saying a bad word in public
Kathy Very insensitive too others
JB For putting off making holiday content too long
Melissa Boyce For bein the best, crazy ,fun mom ever!
Melanie Bailey For just bein you!
Anthony Claridge For not doing as told
Jason Claridge Bein a wiseass
Randy Boyce For misbey
Fleur Lee Thuggish behavior
Nicholas Andrew flower Squeeky laughing
Twilight Sparkle Too many friendship problems.
Marco In his own words "Let's face it that's the only list where I belong".
Joe Raciti
Grimm Because he still loves me completely even though I drive him crazy after all these years!
Jay Gritty obsessed! Calm down
John C. Oh he knows...he knows
Jordan Rager Ignoring me
Nicholas Tedeschi STILL leaves his underwear on the floor
Mike Dehart so much porn.
Naz He will not make time to play Fortnite or RDR2 with Heidi
Tristan Not being nice to his family
Donna You pick
Stefanie For liking youtubers and instagrammers more than me!
Cyndi Salnicky Burns garlic bread...everytime
Eileen Kelly Just because
Matthew Gorto Shrinking clothes in the laundry
Cindle DeDomenico She does not like the Philadelphia Eagles and prefers the Dallas Cowboys, eww
Kathy Very insensitive to others.
Dominic Always throwing things, and hitting his brother.
Georgianne Washburn Payback (oh and for drinking all the cola)
Koyote Making me ask too many times for you to do chores
Jake For doing to much for me
Grayson Doesn't listen to mommy
George Scott Doesn't take out the garbage
Lisa Clapp Continuing the summer of Lisa in the Fall
Rick Pittilla Left way too soon
Haley Jade Washburn Not doing her homework & not cleaning the hedgehog cage
Rhiannon Does not clean the cats poop box
Susanne Because she likes to be Naughty
James Bis For constantly triggered when the president is attacked.
Pat Robinson She makes fun of my squirrels-eating-lunch photos.
Cap'n Nicholas Claus Where do we start???
Gev Sweeney She prefers squirrels to my cat
Jakob Matsinger He forgets to move the laundry.
Patrick LeVan For not turning his light or fan off before leaving for work!
Kallia Smith not doig homework
Mark Grabowski Believing in Santa
Elisa Velazquez Stairs
Amy Arrabitio Left her home and went out to eat and did not offer her anything
Kelly Bulanek Not listening to people and thinking that it is funny
Kathy Kelly For having too much fun!

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