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The North Pole is in chaos.  Last year they did the biggest systems upgrade in history switching from traditional methods to fully digital.  Removing the oversight of experienced elves and bumbles, it was decided that a new software system was the way to go, to remove error.  Once the oversight of the Elves was gone, the system became the target of hackers and breaches.  As can be expected, it didn;t take long before someone hacked the system and played mistletoe with the lists.  Now there are Naughties getting extra itunes cards and Nicies getting dragged away to the mines…its not a great look.

Santa and Krampus are not in on it, but the coverup goes as far up the chain as we can see.  Fortunately a rogue group of elves, we call our selves the Magnificent Elven, have been keeping the lists the old school way..the way we’ve done it for a thousand years and we have a clean uncomporised list.  But we’re stuck up here in the Arctic and we can’t trust anyone with the actual location.  Fortunately we forsaw these problems and we left clues..clues for a clever and sharp mind to follow.  Our allies at OPDA are the only ones who know about this..they tuned us on to a few peossible secret agents…and they suggested YOU…are you up to the job?

You must be good natured and be willing to talk to pirates….

It’s $5 per person and $20 per family to try your luck at saving Sal!

Limited space available, allow 45 minutes to finish the outdoor portion.  You will be issued a time at registration.

For fun only!  Please dress appropriately!