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Krampus Lore Short Story Contest

On December 1st & 2nd we will be celebrating Krampusnacht in Asbury Park with a Krampuslauf, or a Krampus Run. We will be encouraging people to come to town to shop, eat, and run screaming from Krampus. Better yet, if they come to town AS Krampus.


Krampus has a rich and deep history in Northern European yuletide folklore and we want to include that tradition in Asbury Park’s holiday season. Part of the lure of Krampus is his darkness, but also the amazing opportunity for artistic interpretation he offers. And so, #KrampusAP is asking people of all ages (10 to 110) to help us create our own Krampus Lore! We are asking for 1-2 page stories about how you, the writer, interacted with Krampus. It can be anything of your choosing, provided it falls to within 1-2 pages. The stories should concern Krampus in some way (How did you escape him? By being good? By being clever? ). We will select 5 stories for inclusion in a story telling tour in Downtown Asbury Park. Writers will be welcome (encouraged!) to read their own works and simple prizes will be awarded for the 5 selected.


For younger participants, illustrations are also a great way to tell a story! We will share those as well.


Stories will be shared via social media and in live readings.



1) Must be about Krampus

2) Must be no more than 500 words

3) Must be submitted by 11/25/2017 to or in the submission form below.

For information on who or what Krampus is, please visit or follow hashtag #KrampusAP for information.


Merry Krampus!