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The Naughty List


Who was Naughty?The Reason...
Kallia Smith not cleaning up after herself
Jeremiah Torres Lying, misbehaving and lying some more
@JackSquatJB For using this list as a way to promote his artwork...
Tony Knott He just wants to meet Krampus, that's all.
Kay Wrede Assembling an army of greyhounds. For what purpose? Only time will tell.
Nick Genualdi Forced friends to watch painfully bad christmas movies
Elaine Neftelberg She is sweetest cinnamon roll grandma, but I suspect a darker side!
Eric Hagadorn ... The reason is too naughty for words!
Sam Gombas Scaring the little ones and pretending to be a werewolf
Jon Stachiw Probably killed Archduke Ferdinand!?
Brian Rubinfeld He's a MEAN brother!!
Carolyn Rubinfeld She heckles birds.
Jackson Shaw He works too hard!!
Mason Medina Playing Christmas music since May
kathy WOTY
Kathy DRagging her feet responding
Chris Wildman Spending too much money on craft beer
Joyce velazquez Too many shots on Halloween
Johnny Two-Smiles Being an all around Vegasian scumbag. Definitely needs to be hooked on a meat hook and dragged through the Double Tap.
Zander Westermann Forgetting to take his muddy shoes off and walking through the house and kicking his brother.
Vani Westermann Stomping around the house, slamming the cabinet doors, and being mean to her little brothers.
Lyndsee Westermann Sleeping in and refusing to do barn chores.
Schuyler Higginbotham Bringing two cats home that peed on my stuff.
Mary panza Made a fight club in an elderly home and sold tickets and pocketed the money
Jessica panza Steals candy from children and eats it in front of them
Heather Panza Best person ever, but she likes Halloween over Christmas and has a mischievous attitude and a lover of satan!
Anthony Panza Hes a douche but a good one but still ..yup a douche
Kelsey Hollin She’s a snotty bitch
Kenny Pentifallo He knows what he did to those poor kids at the haunted maze!! P.U.!!!
Allison Pentifallo Extremely loud eating if anything crunchy! Especially celery!
Stefanie Ely For blackballing Craig from the wedding music selection
Edward Comppen Didn't do that dishes
Will Rich You know what you did...
Audrey Rich Not being nice to her older brother, stomping around the house, arguing with her parents.
Lucas Rich Not being nice to his sister...and those stupid braids.
Richard Delgado Jr. Buying too many truck parts
Blake Smith Scaring people on Halloween dressed as Michael Myers
C.J. Griggs Wearing all those funky crazy socks that don't match.
Kate firece
Emily K $500 to see a Harry Potter Play!?
Robert V. Larsen Listening to Satanic music and calling every movie “a film”
Kathy Kelly For starting Krampus in AP!

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