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Who was Naughty? The Reason…
Danielle DiGironimo

Won’t eat chicken wings!

Danica W

She defines krampy

Jill’s Mom

For calling Asbury a disgusting place

Jill Connors

She thinks her dad’s birthday is more important than Krampus Fest

Danica W

She defines krampy

Kathleen R

She is the Jersey devil diguised as a rooster – or vice versa– we dont know!!

Tammi R

She makes me work too hard

Mark Nappi

For snoring in my ear and not bringing me coffee in the morning.


she plays country music in my home

Rick P

cause he is dating Karen Anderson


Not calling a doctor for his rotten belly!


Not calling a doctor for his rotten tummy!

Jackson Shaw

He works waaaaay too hard!


An old fuddy duddy that refuses to believe in the monsters of yule!

Jamie Rosenfeld

For having so much clothing she broke her closet.

Madeline Wolfson

For her messy room!

Adrian Gill

For being repugnantly right – about EVERYTHING, every SINGLE time!

“Wolf” Wolfson

For ketchup on eggs!


For being a piece of clay


For dipping Doritos into mayonnaise

Jaime Crimmins

For calling the reasons I put people on the naughty list “dumb”

Ruth klenke

Eating the last potatoe pancake

Bobby Klenke

Just because…..

Don Melnyk

Too many reasons to list

Danielle DiGironimo

Won’t eat chicken wings!

Kathleen Kavazanjian

Too Many to name plus not into the Krampus spirit!

Paul Shatkyvich

He is always up to no good.

Karen Anderson

for saying sorry too much

Kelli Molnar

For calling me a loser on the naughty list. Real mature Kelli.

Kevin Fallon

For being a loser and putting me and meghan on the naughty list. /

Kelli Molnar

For giving me attitude when I asked for her email to put her on the naughty list

Meghan Angelucci

She wouldn’t show up today and thinks Elf is a bad movie.

Mark Paterno

One word… flatulence!

Rena Paterno

Scarfing up all of the conditioner!

Thomas Naumann

Oh, he knows.

David and Cameron Dahl

Not taking pictures with Santa

Eric Nassen

Not doing his daily reading!

Steve Nassen

Taking 7 years to put the railing back on the basement steps!

Laura and Bill Johnson

Impure thoughts🤣😂


Because he’s the WORST….. he’s liverwurst.

Tom Noble

Not putting the toilet seat down

Christine Noble

Being the wicked witch

Denise Varga

Being to good

Rhiannon long

Never wash dishes, laundry or house cleaning!

Damian Vannel

Because he is Damiiiiiaaaaannnnnn!

Little Xander

Oh, man! Have you met this kid!? He is the 24/7 living embodiment of naughtiness. Krampus is surly going to have to work cut out for him this year.

Shelly Minutillo

For leaving lights on all over the house, and not putting the caps/covers on items tightly enough.

Michael McMurran

He is the reason the quote “Atta boy, Mac!” exists.

Maurice Grillon

He is The best teacher

Alexander Kopman

He is loud and obnoxious in class.

Uncle Maurice

He stole my spleen

Kiara Alexander

ate my cat with some hot sauce

Addaline Anderson

prefers cheez nips over cheez itz

Liam Brennan

constantly eating my food from my fridge

MJ Gonzalez

For casting a mystical love spell on Anna Marie making her all crazy in love with you.

Michael Minutillo- My husband

For leaving a trail of worn socks around the house, and refusing to change the toilet paper roll once it’s empty.

Thanks Krampus!! xo

skyy gangale


carnello the rabbit

bit the dog



Nicholas prodan

For disrespect of his parents

Connor McQuade

For bringing a tiny, furry terrorist into our family


For being cheap!! With his wife

Joseph Woerner

Joe has been secretly eating Halloween candy even though he knows it makes him feel sick.

Katherine Kehoe

Not visiting me since a week ago 🙂

Keira Smith

Eating tacos without me </3

Thomas Rogers

Cause naughty is a lot more fun

Luke Allard

He’s gettin’ lippy!

Mark E A

Over opinionated. HOT headed bad driver.

Susi Faro

For 22 years of marriage.

Rhiannon Faro

Not feeding the cat and summoning demons and not putting them back.


Peeing in the magical fountain

Wesley Sharpe
Eric Meerdink

For singing and dancing…badly …in his boxers!

John Comar

Not calling enough

Lisa Vecchione

Because more fun being naughty

Chris Vecchione

Having attitude all of the time


He mean and is too quick to judge. He doesn’t listen and hot tempered. He’s a BIG DUMMY.

Ben Mueller

For being Mr. Wonderful


Lusting after women I can never be with?

Barbara, Christian, and Michael

For not eating the delicious dinners that Dad cooks for them!


because he is dating me

Evan Thomas

For not letting me get a REALLY BIG DOG!

Gregory Brown

For My Naughty Man!

Jaime, Jessica, and Suzanne

For being the world’s ok-est moms

Ian J. McAndrew

Falling asleep when he should be spending time with his wife


Gives her baby brother too many kisses!

Matt Sones

For not wearing a mask!

Lenny Z

Says bad words

Al Anys

For not allowing his wonderful wife to get a fluffy kitten or cuddle with Fiona the Hippo!

Brandon Wassmer

Spoiled brat kid! Beat him please Krampus!!!

Kevin Hottinger

Mean to their spouse

Ethan Rampersad

You let yourself and your parents down. You must pay the piper!!!! Your soul will come back to light once you repent!

Sara Ruggiero

Says she is fat too much

Chris Santiago

Doesn’t appreciate Bowser’s good looks

Justin Burdge

Skipping workouts

Malachi Richards

They think they’re entitled to everything, and they’re very spoiled and stuck up.

Maria Collins

For not filling the dishwasher correctly!!


nasty boi😩


Not giving me enough bookie.


Whatcha got???


you know why

Steven Maclean

He’s a jerk

Iris Hopton

they’re too punk.

Tony Knott

General feats of mischief and pandemonium.

Nick Genualdi

Forcing the family to watch “Santa Claus meets the Ice Cream Bunny”. It’s a reeeaaallllly bad movie!

Eric Hagadorn

Writing stories about Krampus, which may or may not be true!

Gary FX Martin

He steals candy from small children

Jon Stachiw

Many naughty jokes!

Sam Gombas

Scaring the delivery person with taxidermy

Brian Rubinfeld

For being a mean brother!

Carolyn Rubinfeld

Scaring birds while dressed as a giant bird


Not replacing the empty roll
of toilet paper


Not replacing the empty roll
of toilet paper


Throws his clothes wherever he wants.


Doesn’t clean up his legos.

Jordan Zarate

the head of the household said so

Ed Comppen

Didn’t help with the household chores

Lucas and Audrey Rich

Being mean to each other, never cleaning your rooms, and having a general freshness.

Bastian Cady

for being a giant pain the butt in German class.


For neglecting sonny

Olivia Bell

She lets our dog climb up on my favorite chair, the one I try to keep free from dog hair!

Rob Feliciano

For always wanting to fight Christine and Mikayla

Christine Koribanics

For being sassy

Mikayla Feliciano

For being sassy

Joel Tourjee

For writing bad things 😱

Patrick Keogh

for ignoring his sisters in the hallway and ———.

Olaf Valenta

for not studying for German class, writing XD all over everything and not pooping on the potty

Jana Tourjee

Not going poop on the potty

Marek Tourjee

Teasing his sister, not listening to his teacher and not going to bed on time

Rob Feliciano Mikayla Feliciano Christine Koribanics
Marianne Scarpelli

for giving me dirtly looks when Im late

Gay Gay Kovacs

for dropping it like its hot


Not feeding her fish

Eileen Kelly
Stephanie Malone

Owns more horror themed shirts than anyone on the planet

Amy Lynn Rosina

Shakes her popcorn bag, during the movie, after each mouthful of popcorn she eats

Christine Cromarty

Lives in Florida; complains about cold temps when visiting NYC

Jacob Krause

High intensity spirit fingers

April Krause

Excessive Yorkie Cuddling

Joyce Velazquez

Uncle moon says so


We all know why.

Elisa VElazquez

too numerous to count


she completely just made the couch comment up


Could name 10 things but I’ll be nice: Falling asleep AS SOON AS HE GETS HOME FROM WORK… ON THE COUCH!

Courtney Fansler


Kristina Chocolate

Putting bread in the fridge

Sandi Phillips

Not knowing exactly what proper procedure is.


the extra mayo onmy tuna sandwich


She hit me!

“Lil Billy”


Joey Bartusek

No reason other than she wants to join her friend Chloe on the list!

Janette Ramos (Janet)

Past offenses – she knows what they are!!!! SO many!

Chloe Rampersad

ATTITUDE – BAAAADDD, has to be asked more than twice to complete chores

Kenny Pentifallo

Failure to follow proper procedure!



Christine Koribanics
Mikayla Feliciano
Nicholas Tedeschi

Bedtime..always bedtime…










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