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Who was Naughty? The Reason…
Bastian Cady

for being a giant pain the butt in German class.


For neglecting sonny

Olivia Bell

She lets our dog climb up on my favorite chair, the one I try to keep free from dog hair!

Rob Feliciano

For always wanting to fight Christine and Mikayla

Christine Koribanics

For being sassy

Mikayla Feliciano

For being sassy

Joel Tourjee

For writing bad things 😱

Patrick Keogh

for ignoring his sisters in the hallway and ———.

Olaf Valenta

for not studying for German class, writing XD all over everything and not pooping on the potty

Jana Tourjee

Not going poop on the potty

Marek Tourjee

Teasing his sister, not listening to his teacher and not going to bed on time

Rob Feliciano Mikayla Feliciano Christine Koribanics
Marianne Scarpelli

for giving me dirtly looks when Im late

Gay Gay Kovacs

for dropping it like its hot


Not feeding her fish

Eileen Kelly
Stephanie Malone

Owns more horror themed shirts than anyone on the planet

Amy Lynn Rosina

Shakes her popcorn bag, during the movie, after each mouthful of popcorn she eats

Christine Cromarty

Lives in Florida; complains about cold temps when visiting NYC

Jacob Krause

High intensity spirit fingers

April Krause

Excessive Yorkie Cuddling

Joyce Velazquez

Uncle moon says so


We all know why.

Elisa VElazquez

too numerous to count


she completely just made the couch comment up


Could name 10 things but I’ll be nice: Falling asleep AS SOON AS HE GETS HOME FROM WORK… ON THE COUCH!

Courtney Fansler


Kristina Chocolate

Putting bread in the fridge

Sandi Phillips

Not knowing exactly what proper procedure is.


the extra mayo onmy tuna sandwich


She hit me!

“Lil Billy”


Joey Bartusek

No reason other than she wants to join her friend Chloe on the list!

Janette Ramos (Janet)

Past offenses – she knows what they are!!!! SO many!

Chloe Rampersad

ATTITUDE – BAAAADDD, has to be asked more than twice to complete chores

Kenny Pentifallo

Failure to follow proper procedure!



Christine Koribanics
Mikayla Feliciano
Nicholas Tedeschi

Bedtime..always bedtime…










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